Know Your Target Audience

Reach more visitors and connect
with new customers.

We saw in the early years of Google that high landing through SEO was the ultimate goal – for whatever search term. We now know that there is so much more behind a successful strategy and website. It is about the combination of the right search terms, trends, the right tools, the right analyses, and prioritization, in other words: a good start is half the battle.

During a collaboration, we feel jointly responsible for the success of your website and company. You get to know us as a total package and we use our knowledge and experience for creative insights. The stronger the strategy and the right choices, the more visitors and, therefore, more customers and effectively higher turnover for your company.

After a the introduction, we share with you what we see in the possibilities for achieving your objectives. We help answer the following questions:

  • Which search terms does my target audience use?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for my company?
  • Which search terms match my objectives?
  • What trends are developing in my field?
  • What do search terms say about the offer I have as a company?
  • What international opportunities are there for my company?
  • Can I participate in the most recent and relevant developments?

We are happy to offer your company a Heinosoft experience, with which we skillfully scrutinize your target group and explain the orange carpet to your website.