Turn visitors into customers

Every click towards your goal

Research shows that the average website visitor spends no more than 7 seconds on a new website. Within that time you want to immediately show what distinguishes you from the rest. Your distinguishing characteristic must be immediately clear within the first 2 seconds. You want to have a website that is rock solid. One that ensures that the visitor is led directly to the purpose of the website without detours. This can be buying a product, filling out a form or contacting us by telephone to make an appointment. Encourage the visitor to follow your path, gain their trust, make them a customer where they can grow with your company.

Compare it with the efficient signage at Schiphol Airport. You will be escorted very efficiently from the check-in counter to the gate without getting lost. This walkthrough at Schiphol is praised worldwide and that’s how you want your website to be designed.: effective and efficient. And right on target. Through smart measurements, A / B testing and other tools, we can improve the conversion with you.